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IA Data/Report Request Form
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Is this a new request?
A new request is defined as this dataset/report that has never been done before. 

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This is the date your request will need to be fulfilled. Please consider the timeframes below:

Current Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

All New Requests - 20 Business Days

All Repeat Requests (No Changes) - 5 Business Days

All Repeat Requests with Changes - varies (10-15 Days)

All Data Loads - up to 60 business days

If you require to review the data/report before final delivery date - add 5 business days.

NOTE -  SLAs are based on time and effort of the request and the final SLAS are determined by ADVS at the time of review of the request. Only approved urgent requests don't apply to the SLAs.

Please use this textbox to provide specific information regading your data request. This information would include but is not limited to, special groups/committees, geographic location, alumni data, giving history, and elected officials. 

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